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Dear Academy Owner,

I have some questions for you….

      • Do you feel like the economy is hurting your business…are you making less money and working the same or more hours?
      • Are you full capitalizing on your business or are you leaving a pile of money on the table?
      • Have you had lookylous stop buy but not sign up at your school?
      • Are you loosing students and not sure why?
      • Are you frustrated with students leaving your school for a competitor’s school down the street?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions then I have some good news for you…

…There is a light at the end of the tunnel

I have been in the BJJ Industry since 1996. I have worked and trained at gyms all over the world. I have seen some that do really well and a lot more come and go. And, a lot have gone recently.

I have seen two kinds of owners both spend the same amount of time in their gyms. Both have the same number of students. But, one drives a new brand new Mercedes, has a big house, and loves his job! The other is stressed out over his bills and has trouble paying the rent and has started to hate his job.

A Blue Belt Makes More Than The Owner At His Own School!

Back when I was just a blue belt I stared selling BJJ Gis and BJJ gear out of the trunk of my car.  The dojo that I was training at didn’t selling anything in their gym. Not a single BJJ Gi, T-shirt, or anything. I was training there three times a day and making a killing selling gis and gear.

As new students signed up they all became my customer too, usually before class! The black belt didn’t even stock BJJ Gis to sell his band new students that signed up! So, I would go out to my car and get a BJJ Gi and sell it to the school’s student.

I Started To Feel Bad When!

I really liked this Black Belt, he was one of the best teachers I ever had.  He was really good at Jiu Jitsu. Then one day at lunch he told me the school was not doing well. A lot of students couldn’t afford  pay but they were still training. I was shocked! He was having trouble making ends meet.

I started to think of all the Free Money I was making off his students. And, I realized he was loosing out on thousands of dollars a month that was going in my pocket!  I couldn’t let the school close down. The training was way too good!

That’s when the Blue Belt Taught the Black Belt!

I taught him about retail and wholesale. How buying in bulk can create a lot of savings and create a lot of profits. He told me he had already tried selling gis. He bought them for really cheap and sold them to the students. But that the students didn’t buy them and didn’t like them.  They took him forever to get them in the mail and even longer to sell! He told me he hardly made a profit on them, and still had a few.

I Had To Teach Him A Few Things About Sales.


1) People Don’t Like Cheap!  Especially when you are dealing with peoples passions! Some women are crazy about shoes. Do they buy the cheapest shoes they can get? NO! People are crazy about BJJ a guy just spent $1500 on a BJJGi on ebay. It was used. Lets Face It BJJ Is Not A Cheap Martial Art To Do!

2) Spend More To Make More! Have you ever heard it takes money to make money? It’s True in most cases. If you knew you could spend $100 to make $200 guarantied would you do it? Or, would you spend $50 to make $75? Which scenario makes more business sense? You’d be surprised how hard it was to get him to catch on to this.

3) People Love Convenience!  No one likes to shop around for what they want! Not if they can get it right then and there. Treasure hunting is for pirates and TV Pickers.

4) Women and Kids! People spend more money on their kids then they do on themselves and women just buy more stuff than men.  FACT: Even with No Women at your school, guys will still buy their girls T-shirts just to see them in a Jiu jitsu t-shirts. So, why wouldn’t you sell to them in your school?

5) Pros Use Professional Gear! If you took your car to get it fixed and the mechanic had the most broken down set of tools and dilapidated garage would you trust him to fix your new car?  He might be the best mechanic in the world but with crappy tools and a dirty garage most people would never spend their money with him.  Pro’s Have Professional Tools. Same thing at your gym, if you have the cheapest crappiest uniforms and gear, how could you be considered a professional school to train at?

That same Black Belt ended up buying my remaining BJJ Gi stock and he was able to turn it over and buy more BJJ Gis in just 10 Days! He doubled his money in 10 Days!

OK, So What Am I Getting At? What’s The Deal?

Here is the deal, I can do the same thing for you.  I can show you how to more than double your money in less than 10 Days at your school.

Just fill in the form below or give us a call at (714) 421-4090.

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Wholesale BJJ Gis Customer Testimonials

Buying wholesale BJJ Gis in bulk made a huge difference for our business. When new students walk in, being able to service them on the spot is priceless. Nothing makes a student stick more than getting them On the Mat and training right away.  Also, the great price of the BJJ Gis allows me to have a great second stream of income at my school. Take advantage of Built to Fight’s great offers and get your wholesale BJJ Gis at a great price with great service!

Rafael Lovato, Jr., Lovato’s School of BJJ, Oklahoma City, OK

Since I started training BJJ back in 2001, I have always been a huge fan of different gis. Over time like everything else…my tastes matured.  My list of favorite gis slowly diminished.  But OTM & Built to Fight has continued to evolve and bring the best fight gear and BJJ Gis the industry has to offer.  And, if there is any problem, they are on top of it, which is very essential when running a successful program. I recommend their wholesale BJJ Gi program to anyone who is need of great equipment and great service.

Mike Fowler, North Shore BJJ

Built to Fight offers the best wholesale BJJ gis and fight gear period. Built to Fight and OTM are constantly updating their products just like a Blackbelt updates their techniques. All of their gear is the best quality you can find. You never have to worry about a thing because their service is first class. Since day one, my team has been using Built to Fight for all our gear. Built to Fight is your one stop shop for you and your team. Whether you are looking for the best fight shorts, rash guards, BJJ Gis, or even training videos, Built to Fight is your best bet.

Pete ‘The Greek’ Letsos, Rio Jiu Jitsu Academy, Chicago, IL

We have enjoyed a great relationship with Built to Fight Industries and have been using OTM products for many years now. Having vendors with personal training experience in all of the items you buy gives an end result in high quality craftsmanship and impressive products that wow the customers! The support that Built to Fight offers in handling obstacles with logistics and manufacturing is what keeps them at the top of our line of vendors. These guys are really easy to work with and have great products.

Tom Cronin, Carlson Gracie Team, Temecula, CA

Wholesale BJJ Gis have kept me in business. Our BJJ gis and custom team fight gear sales almost pay all the rent monthly!  I can’t tell you how important it is to be able to sell a new gym member all the gear they need the day they sign up. The commitment to that purchase of products keeps them in the gym and training right away.  Once we get someone On the Mat we keep them as a customer for life!  The customer retention  is important to us, but the extra income is gravy on top. Also! OTM has some of the best quality and best fitting BJJ Gis we have ever used. I was a customer even before I opened my gym.

John Salemme BJJ Team Alliance, Portland, OR


Custom Wholesale BJJ Gis Customer Projects

Custom Wholesale BJJ Gi Project for Paragon BJJ
Custom Gi Project For Paragon BJJ

Paragon BJJ is one of the oldest and most successful BJJ schools in America. Founded by Ricardo “Franjinha” Miller, the school is located in Santa Barbara, CA. They are responsible for some of the best BJJ Gi Players in the world. Players like: Jeff Glover, Bill Cooper, and Tyrone Glover all came from Paragon Jiu-Jitsu. Now with multiple affiliates, world wide Paragon has leveraged their name and numbers to create custom BJJ Gis sold through their own wholesale channel and manufactured by us.



Custom Wholesale BJJ Gi Project for Gracie Elite

Team Gracie Elite Gi

Gracie Elite is made up of the majority of the Gracie family. Among them are the most famous and the best fighters from the legendary family of BJJ.  They are known for spreading the development of BJJ across the world and have developed many of the best fighters in the world.


Custom Wholesale BJJ Gis Project for Lucky Gi
Lucky Gi
Lucky Gi
 is the brand that kicked off the fashion BJJ Gi craze, and unquestionably has created the most famous designer BJJ Gis ever.  Since 2006, Lucky Gi has produced the highest quality BJJ Gis and also the most embellished gis in the industry, and is known for innovating ground breaking features such as inside printing, appliqué with embroidery, custom inside taping, built in knee pads and never before used fabrics such as Bamboo Gis and Hemp Gis. Built to Fight Industries is proud to say we have been instrumental in the development of the original and to date the only manufacturer of the Lucky Gi brand BJJ Gis.


Custom Wholesale BJJ Gi Project for Throwdown MMA
Throwdown Brand Custom BJJ Gis
Throwdown MMA
is one of the major players in everything MMA. They have built the finest MMA Cages for many major MMA events. Their fight shorts and clothing can be seen on many UFC fighters, And their MMA gear is worn by some of the best names in the business. Then when it came to source their custom MMA gear, they chose Built to Fight to design their BJJ Gis, Fight Shorts and Rash Guards because with their expertise they knew Built To Fight could do the job.


Custom Wholesale BJJ Gi Project for Team Ralph Gracie
Ralph Gracie Custom BJJ GiRalph Gracie, known as the Pit Bull of the Gracie family, has produced some of the best talent in American Jiu-Jitsu players. His team is huge and reaches across the USA with many affiliate schools. We manufacture both his Gracie competition team and his custom BJJ academy uniforms.


Custom Wholesale BJJ Gi Project for Team Carlson Gracie
Carlson Gracie Custom Wholesale BJJ GisCarlson Gracie, the most legendary name in the Gracie family, was the original Vale Tudo fighter of the Gracie Family. His logo of the two Bulldogs is known worldwide as a sign of the fighting style of Gracie Jiu Jistu. Carlson and his son have a network of hundreds of schools worldwide. We are proud to produce the BJJ Gis that bear his name.


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