Sublimating Vs. Screen Printing Custom Fight Shorts & Rash Guards

Custom Fight Shorts & Rash Guards Should I Sublimate or Screen Print?

Traditionally, Screen Printing has been used to add logos to Custom Fight Shorts and Custom Rash Guards.

This is largely because the equipment to screen print is a lot less expensive compared to professional quality dye sublimation equipment. However, the cost-per-piece of Sublimation is a lot less expensive than the cost-per-piece of Screen Printing. The cheaper screen printing equipment combined with the higher cost-per-piece in Screen Printing resulted in manufacturers pushing Screen Printed products on many uninformed customers.

custom fight shorts

Custom Fight Shorts for Team Fight Plannet.

Custom Fight Shorts (polyester) and Custom Rash Guards (lycra) are both made from synthetic fabrics that as designed to endure the rigorous demands of training. However, the Screen Printing process is not capable of withstanding the friction and stretching involved with training due to the ink sitting on top of the fabric. Screen Printing frequently chips, peels, and fades off custom fight shorts and rash guards, thus leading to dissatisfied customers.

Dye Sublimation solves the issue by permeating the dye into the fabric. This creates a permanent logo that will never crack, peel, or fade. Dye Sublimation also allows for more colors (244 Colors) and a brighter logo on your Custom Fight Shorts and Custom Rash Guards.

custom fight shorts

Custom IBJJF Brown Belt Rash Guard for Cobrinha BJJ.

The Sublimation Process:

The Dye Sublimation printing process is used to print on polyester (custom fight shorts) or lycra (custom rash guards). The dye sublimation inks are a pigment suspended in a liquid solvent, similar to water. The images are initially printed on coated heat-resistant transfer paper, as a reverse image of the final design. This is then transferred onto polyester (custom fight shorts) or lycra (custom rash guards) fabric in a heat press operating at a temperature around 180 °C to 210 °C (356 °F to 410°F). Under high temperature and pressure, the dye turns into a gas and permeates the fabric and then solidifies into its fibers. The fabric is permanently dyed so it can be washed without damaging the quality of the image.

Reasons to Sublimate Custom Rash Guards and Fight Shorts:

In Dye Sublimation the ink actually “dyes” the fabric. This means the images are permanent and do not peel or fade.

● Dye does not build up on the fabric.

● Colors can be extraordinarily brilliant due to the bonding of the dye to the transparent fibers of the synthetic fabric.

● Dye sublimation is a 4 color (CMYK) process print process so it can handle any number of colors of types of images.

In Dye Sublimation truly continuous tones can be achieved that are vivid, precise, and equivalent to photographs.

● This is done without the use of special techniques, such as half-screen printing.

● The image can be printed all over the entire item, with no difficulty in printing all the way to the edges.

● The print process always starts with white fabric and the colors are mixed as they print on the fabric. The background color will be dyed in the printing process.

● The background color on the front panel is dyed to match the fabric color you select.

Dye Sublimation is the most economical print process for low volume and prints with multi-color prints.

● Dye Sublimation fight shorts and rash guards are the same price no matter how many colors are used in your print.

● You can print both high resolution raster (.jpg, .tiff) as well as vector (.ai, .eps) file.

● Dye Sublimation custom fight shorts and custom rash guards are very durable, machine washable, and dryer safe.

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