Boxing Glove Gallery

Whether you're looking for inspiration or simply admiring past work, the Built to Fight gallery is a great place to take a look at the designs
of others. Not all of the wares in the Gallery were created by Built to Fight; several of them are designs created by other brands that are available in our store. If you're proud
of your creation, let us know and we might feature it in the gallery! Click on any item to get a closer look or choose from our categories to the left for more specific items.
Many of our items have more than one angle or color, so be sure to click the arrows on either side of each image to view all available angles and styles!

Built to Fight gloves are made with the customers' best interests at heart. Featuring injected foam technology, durable leather or vinyl, and great wrist support, our
gloves provide high quality protection for boxers of any experience level. Injected Foam Technology allows the glove to conform to your fist with ease and comfort, building a defensive barrier around
the small, delicate bones of the hand and allowing the fighter to strike as hard as they wish without injury. Our tight wrist support is provided by a velcro strap sheathed in elastic, ensuring durability
and a long life. Not all gloves shown are designed or manufactured by Built to Fight, though all can be found in our online store. If you see anything you like, you can click it to be taken to it's page in
our cart. Custom designs are not available through the store, but we can have it made if you contact us.

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